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Future Net Provides solutions to your Computer Networking Problems The complexities of networks - computers, software, network cards, wireless, hubs, cables, routers, switches, printers, mainframes, mid-range, SANs,T1/ATM and internet (www) - all increase the need for network management.

For your business, whether large and small, to remain functioning and productive, it's essential that these various components be kept connected and thoroughly communicating.

To successfully accomplish and maintain this goal, FNI's diverse network management team will complete an assessment of your network infrastructure and propose a practical yet cost-sensitive solution.

With the internet playing an increasingly intricate role in networks, we carefully configure the network hardware (web servers, email server, FTP server, firewalls, switches, routers, backups, SANs) to ensure scalability, reliability, and security before implementation.

To maintain a flawless and productive network, we perform several tasks:

  • Networking Trends and Technologies
  • Network Analysis and Planning
  • Network Implementation and upgrade Strategies
  • Network Disaster and Recovery Strategies
  • Network Traffic Evaluation
  • Network Storage (SANs) Strategies
  • Network Backup Procedures
  • Network Standards
  • Hardware and Software Products Overview
  • Internet Traffic Monitoring
  • Software Licensing
  • Network Security Assessment
  • Regulatory & Compliance Support
  • Documentation
  • Feasibility Studies
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