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Secure Data Center

Get Data Center and Colocation Services from FutureNET.

We offer our own secure infrastructure or we can host your own equipment.  FutureNET tailors solutions for your business needs and growth plans.

Our data center and colocation services deliver scalability, security and continuity for your data, applications and user needs. FutureNET makes it easy for you to get up and running efficiently. Get state-of-the-art performance from a global network of data centers. Seamlessly connect your infrastructure to with our convenient and compatible platforms. Get the security, compliance, redundancy and reliability you need for your business or organization.

We’re here to help — from specification to installation, configuration and testing.

Reliable, Built-to-Scale and Secure Solutions


Your Internet Infrastructure

Conveniently located domestically and internationally, our network of Data Center and Colocation partners ensures efficient, secure access for your workforce and users — no matter where they are. Our solutions keep the future in mind and are tailored for your needs. If you’re a law firm with extra security and storage needs, your solution will be far different from a regional delivery service managing thousands of orders with a fleet of 200 trucks.


Security and Compliance

All facilities have 24/7 on-site physical security as well as multi-level access points, round-the-clock video monitoring, environmental controls, exit-entry logs and password access requirements on both digital and physical access. Talk to us about your specific requirements and FutureNET can provide you a practical, high-value plan.


Experts in Connectivity

Connecting a business infrastructure and third-party services to your Data Center can be confusing, and in the wrong hands – costly. FutureNET has worked with our partners for years and handled Colocation and Data Center installations and configuration for over two decades. In short, we are familiar with most popular systems and the integration of major third-party services.


Cabinets and Cages

Whether your small and growing or upgrading old equipment, FutureNET can help you specify your needs — including a forecast over the near term — to ensure you can upgrade-in-place with ease.


Reliable Managed Services

Managed server solutions with various degrees of scalability are available from FutureNET. We can integrate Managed Security including Firewall, Anti-DDoS and Intrusion Prevention/Detection Systems as well. Managed storage and backup services are routinely part of our Data Center and Colocation services. Let’s talk about your needs and show you how FutureNET can deliver confidence and peace-of-mind to your enterprise.