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Application Services

Today’s business applications environments are more interdependent, diverse and dynamic than ever before.

IT managers bear the responsibility for integrating multiple applications to improve productivity and meet company goals. Integrating and automating key business functions into streamlined applications is key to accomplishing these goals.

FutureNET can develop or customize applications tailored to your specific needs and the way you conduct your business. Need customized software to achieve optimum performance from your system, make efficient use of multi-applications, or interface legacy systems with the client/server or the web? Whatever your need, we can help you construct a solution that makes sense for your business.

Create an Efficient Application Environment

Database Development

Companies need immediate access to their information, whether it is remotely, across multiple platforms or from the office. Instant information is essential to making better decisions more quickly and to maximizing efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction. FutureNET will work with you to ensure that we have a firm understanding of your objectives before development begins.

FutureNET brings a wealth of experience and expertise to designing and implementing database solutions that meet the demands of your business. First, we discover your needs and the process being used. Then we develop a strategy to improve the efficiency and reliability of your database system. Should you have the need to access your data via web, legacy system or client/server, we will work with you to maximize your system performance while remaining sensitive to your budget


FutureNET can help you explore and define your Internet presence. Whether you’re looking for a website to expand your Internet presence, or provide a portal to better serve your customers, our consultants and designers can help you succeed. We work in a variety of server side platforms (JSP, .NET, “classic” ASP, WPF, PHP, Ruby) and can work with both Apache and IIS servers.

Our team has also helped many companies with their Search Engine Optimization (SEO); we follow the industries best practices to assure that you’re company appears near the top of search engine results. We optimize for Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.

Helpdesk Support & Services

Businesses rely on their network/infrastructure to remain consistently productive. To do so, they need experienced Helpdesk professionals to provide timely and expert support. As you are no doubt aware, any downtime on a network system triggers a decline in productivity, irate customers and loss of money for your business. FutureNET’s veteran Helpdesk professionals can quickly partner with your IT team to ensure your network/infrastructure maintains its optimal performance, which will enhance productivity.

Our Helpdesk professionals are responsible for responding and resolving end-user problems. We are also responsible for assets and calls management, for generating weekly, monthly and other activity reports essential for monitoring performance, and for maintaining a knowledge management system. If your helpdesk is understaffed, we can complement your staff with Helpdesk professionals to provide support with high call volumes, remote office, implementation of new products and upgrades, special projects, or assistance in delegating problems to the right personnel. FutureNET Helpdesk professionals will integrate seamlessly with your internal helpdesk IT department.

Businesses will benefit from our Helpdesk professionals’ knowledge of the latest technology, and ability to recommend alternative solutions and adapt quickly to unpredictable high call volumes. Let FutureNET help you improve helpdesk productivity, increase customer satisfaction and reduce operating costs.


When desktop/PCs first entered the technology market, they typically sat alone on a desk, probably connected to a printer but nothing else. With today’s machines, practically every type of device is connected and all types of applications are running on them. Back then, if the PC was malfunctioning you generally replaced a board or drive, or rebooted or reinstalled software, and that took care of the problem. AT FutureNET, we still do these things, but today’s computers are much more advanced and customers much more knowledgeable.

As the desktops evolve, businesses are demanding services beyond the past traditional services (break, fix, upgrade…). In addition to these traditional services, FutureNET offers a full range of additional services to meet today’s more sophisticated customer needs:

  • Managing and tracking components in a desktop PC, notebook or server
  • Computer and printers preventive maintenance
  • Implementing management standards for Desktops
  • Managing functionality of Desktops
  • Managing mobile devices (laptops, PDAs, etc…)
  • Predicting hardware failures
  • Software and hardware inventory
  • Computers and applications deployment
  • Monitoring Software usage
  • Web-based management tools to perform administrative tasks
  • Troubleshooting and resolving problems
  • Recommending and performing upgrades