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Voice Over IP Phone System (VOIP)

Enjoy the Business Benefits of VOIP Phone Systems

FutureNET provides hosted VOIP solutions, multi-site VOIP, Unified Communications (UC) and mobility solutions for companies, employees and customers with a wide range of collaboration tools. We offer reliable, secure management and redundancy for companies and organizations of all sizes.  Hosted PBX and on-site PBX systems available.

The Many Benefits of VOIP Phone Systems


Unified Communications (UC)

UC – Helps you bring important users and stakeholders (employees, customers, staff, users, management, partners) & services/systems together at anytime & anywhere


Low Cost-Per-Call

The Internet is simply more efficient at sending voice data when compared to the dedicated lines of traditional telephones. And with a digital world, it only makes sense to bring Voice to the Internet. In addition to savings on calls, there is the savings when trying to integrate VOIP into a larger communication toolbox and network.


Superior Mobility

Allow employees more mobility to answer extension number/office phone from anywhere. If you have a mobile or de-centralized workforce, VOIP has many advantages.


Easy Web Conferencing & Collaboration

Setting up Web Conferencing and Collaboration is easy. Not only is it more cost-effective, particularly for international calls, it’s more convenient. Easily call multiple people at once, and you have your hands free during the call. When you add the many features that VoIP software offers the advantages start to pile up against traditional telephone conferences.


Superior Features and More of Them!

With VOIP, there are more opportunities and simpler ways to integrate email, voicemail-to-text transcriptions and other tools that make it more powerful for all kinds of conveniences and for conference situations. Talk to FutureNET about how VOIP can save you money and transform how your office, teams and customers communicate.

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