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Cloud Surveillance

Surveillance is Moving to the Cloud

The main motivations driving video surveillance towards cloud computing is the scalability of computing and storage resources which provide: cost effective scalability, flexibility of resource management and improved system performance.

The transition of video surveillance towards cloud solutions can be seen rather as a continuous process than a disruptive innovation. There are multiple factors which indicate that the development towards a cloud solution is a natural evolution for the development of surveillance systems.

Video surveillance plays an important role in deterring and helping solve crime by monitoring city streets and transit systems, and providing valuable evidence for prosecution.

IP (networked) video surveillance, on the other hand, introduces a wide range of new benefits and capabilities to video surveillance. These benefits include easier, less expensive installation, wireless cameras, higher image quality, more automation, video analytics, and greater cost effectiveness.

Security, Versatility and Accessibility


Manage Multiple Locations

Manage dozens of locations from a single device or office from anywhere. View live video feed(s), lock doors, grant, block or suspend access instantly, monitor site activity logs, set alerts and much more.


Flexibility without Disruption

With wireless features and accessibility and established business networks, much of the infrastructure and expense of a system is already in place for most businesses. This often allows for superior video and monitoring equipment on site.


Real-Time Remote Management

Respond to security alerts immediately. View, control and manage all of the details of your surveillance, monitoring and alerts from secure smartphones, tablets or desktop. Establish a hierarchy of alert notifications to ensure vital staff are aware of security situations.


Live Streaming Video

Depending on the system selected, users can monitor multiple sites in a single view to provide at-a-glance status of entrances, exits, common areas, shipping platforms and immediate surroundings of any place you wish.  Cameras can be equipped  to deliver narrow or wide views, night vision, recording and much more.


Up-to-Date Network Security

Cloud-based Security and Surveillance Systems have the added advantage of maintaining optimum privacy and network security due to automated system and software updates coordinated with the latest cyber-threat protections.


Custom Security Reports and Alerts

Imagine a surveillance system that would alert you to increased pedestrian / visitor or vehicle traffic near a sensitive or high-security section of your organization, business or property. Get text or email notifications, prioritize phone notification and set triggers based on your specific needs.